Co-Secretary General

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Kanishk Singla

‘To acquire knowledge, one must study. But to acquire wisdom, one must observe.’ With deep- seated affirmation on this quote by Marilyn Vos Savant, Kanishk believes in lifting others along with himself with the spirit of participation and indulgence of all. He is efficacious to provide sagacity with his own words along with adherence to other’s prospectus about the world. He is discreet and exuberantly fair-minded. He ensures uttermost determination and obedience in his work, which makes him distinctive.

Deputy Secretary General

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Shrey Sharma

Shrey Sharma is an avid debater and MUNer who’s been in the circuit for the past 5 years. He strongly believes that discussing both national as well as international issues offer insight to young minds.
In his opinion, there is nothing more important than having the youth of the nation develop their opinions and work together to formulate solutions for premier issues.


Shrey sharma the DSG of Ziet mun strongly believes that leadership and true guidance can make all the difference in the learner’s mind.

Director General

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Rishika Goel

In the words of Winston Churchill, ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’ With this thought ingrained in her mind Rishika Goel, the Director General of Zeit Model United Nations, resolved to sought and research about the bigger problems in life and help the others.

She had a vision and mission to spread the knowledge across the world and initiate a change. People must understand compassion and sympathy for the others, with this agile personality and thoughts, we are sure this conference will be triumphant.

Chief Advisor

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Siddharth Sahni

‘Getting knowledge is the first step to wisdom, sharing knowledge is the first step to humanity’. Siddharth Sahni, the main counsel of Zeit MUN, unequivocally thinks growing together is superior to growing alone and has investigated every possibility to guide and give his valuable recommendations in making the conference a success.


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Mankirat Singh

“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.” - Pam Moore. Mankirat firmly believes that investing in people’s thoughts and their affirmations gives out a bewitching outcome. He is a keen learner and focuses on the outer facet along with inner capability of an individual. He believes in growth and understands the eminence of it. Communal harmony and togetherness makes him very subtle and consummate.

Deputy Director Genral

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Shayak Nandi

Shayak Nandi, an avid debater, has participated in over 10 Model United Nations, earning himself numerous accolades. His passion for knowledge, accompanied by his keen interest in global politics, is reflected throughout his journey as a student. Shayak Nandi looks forward to unravelling the many complexities embedded within our world in the ZEIT MUN.

Chief Of Staff

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Aaditya Singla

Aaditya has always been an active participant in MUN and has been developing a good interest in the Model United Nations and further taken part as a delegate and executive board member both and further looks forward to a wonderful and exciting debate and crisis.

Substantive Head

Sehan Malhotra

Sehan Malhotra is a grade 11 student at Pathways World School. An avid debater, Sehan has deliberated on world issues in more than 10 MUNs. Sehan is very keen to help the underprivileged during the global Covid-19 pandemic and is also the Director of Operations for Food For India, an NGO that raises funds to eradicate food insecurity.

Head Of Design

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Devansh Kumar

Devansh Kumar, is a grade 11 student at Pathways World School, Aravali. Having a keen eye for design, Devansh thoroughly enjoys web designing and development and has adequate experience in the same. Devansh willingly helps out the underprivileged by being associated with a number of NGOs. Devansh also has some experience of debating in MUNs.

Head Of Design

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Siya Mehra

Siya Mehra is a student at Pathways World School, Aravali. Being a budding designer, she has been a part of several design teams and has succeeded with flying colours. She is often seen heading design teams in various events. Apart from being passionate about designing, she is also seen to have adequate amount of experience in debating as a delegate in various MUNs.

Head Of Public Relations

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Shubhangi Dutta

Passionate, indefatigable and zestful goes with the name Shubhangi Dutta.Her first impression on you will be her sincerity towards every little thing she does and of course her cordial nature. Her flexible personality and her obligeance helps her stand out of others.

Head of The Organising Committee

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Vania Duneja

Vania Duneja is a science student who loves to put forward her opinions. She has been a partaking in MUNs since class-9th and has secured first position in state level debate. She wishes to bring a change around her and wants to create awareness amidst the minds of all those who have been nonplussed and ignorant to the atrocities of the world and she sees model united nations as the perfect way of instigating the aware school of thought amongst the youth of the nation.

Head Of The Organising Committee

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Nirupama Mahanta

Meet Nirupama Mahanta, a cheerful woman who has recently graduated Secondary School.

There's a lot one wants to say or raise their voice about. Unfortunately, some of them fail to do so and somewhere or the we fail as citizens. According to her the problems should be anticipated and tackled and she believes MUN gives the best stage to it. She has been a part of MUNs since so long and she knows how important they can be to the society. She hopes to encourage more and more people to know about MUNs and contribute to the betterment of the society.

Head Of Logistics

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Anuradha Mahanta

Introducing Anuradha Mahanta, a student of SAI International School, Bhubaneswar.

The world is suffering a great deal. There are a significant number of issues every one on the planet is experiencing. All of them can not raise their voice rather decide to endure. We have the alternative. We can do that for their sake. Also, MUNs are the ideal platform for serving the purpose. It makes you familiar and compassionate to the problems faced by humanity. Anuradha has been a part of MUNs since so long and she feels glad to be apart of such committees that discuss solutions to various problems of the world.She believes that through such thoughts and solutions people can carry a superior change to their issues.